Funny, Fast Paced Pantomime Scripts Your Audience Will Love!

Last year over 200 amateur and professional companies
used one of Ben Crocker's hilarious panto scripts.
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Perform superb traditional pantomime scripts, which feel fresh, funny and new from “The wittiest and most original writer working in pantomime today.” (AS Magazine)

All the scripts contain some delightful surprises, so find out more today!


You have full permission to make changes, so your master copy will be supplied in Word format with no restrictions. You get to make the final edit, tailoring your panto script for your group.

And you get to hear - “The Best Panto Ever!” from your audience!


You'll be in good company. Last year Ben's panto scripts were performed all over the UK and Ireland - and in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Greece, Belgium and France. The quality and sheer sense of fun know no boundaries!

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Wittiest and most inventive writer working in pantomime today - AS Magazine